Quick post today, as most of the time. Very simple setup, two LP160s in an octabox to camera right. The biggest challenge of this shoot was, of course, to handle my little subject. She’s sitting on a small table with my wife just out of frame. The problem is that it’s difficult to keep her entertained in this state, since she prefers to roam free and stuff her mouth with whatever she can find, kitchen utensils and the like. A lot of the time she was facing the wrong direction (away from the light) and being generally uncooperative. However, for the above shot I got lucky and caught her at just the right time as she was doing her thing – her thing being to put her hands in the air, stick her tongue out and go lulululu. She probably only does it because we do it first to make her do it…half the job of being a parent with small kids is to act like an asylum patient.


If there’s someone out there with some photoshop skills and too much time on their hands I would love to see this next photo made into a Game of Thrones poster. The slogan ‘Winter is coming’ at the top and then photoshop in the forest beyond the wall behind her. The best thing is that her name is Eira, which means snow in Welsh. Just have to change her last name to Stark as well. So, make it happen Internet.

This will be the last you hear from me for a while now. When I get back I’ll hopefully have some new material to write about.