I’ve been quiet for a long time now but I’m still alive and shooting, though never as much as I would like. Today we’ll take a quick look at a couple of portraits with hats…hats are important. I was planning to have a setup shot for you guys but unfortunately I was too quick with taking everything down after the shoot was done. It was only afterwards that I remembered my plan, as always. So, instead you’ll just have to use your imagination.

The light was two LP160s in an octabox, boomed above and just in front of the subject. Just below the edge of the frame was a white reflector to give me some fill for the shadows. I choose white because that produces a creamier light than something like silver, thus not drawing as much attention to itself. The background was a piece of white foamcore that was lit by another LP160 behind the subject. I didn’t go for a completely blown out background because, well, I didn’t feel like it, though it would have been easy to accomplish.


The rest of the shoot was very simple, I just made some silly comments and told the little muppet not to smile, which is always a great way to get her to smile. The shot at the top turned out to be my favourite but it was the only shot I did with the white hat. The reason for that was that it looked like the white of the hat blew out too much, since it was closest to the light. However, in post I was still able to recover plenty of detail, so I guess I could have shot more with it after all.

We have some more hats incoming from an even simpler (technically speaking) shoot as well. I’ll try to post that later this week because after that we’ll be travelling to Indonesia for two months. Hopefully I’ll have some material for another couple of posts when we get back from that. I’m certainly bringing enough gear for it at least…