Those few of you who are regular readers will recognize the bedroom in which the above photo was taken. It’s at my mom’s place and it’s a bedroom that just begs to be used as a studio. These photos were taken just a day apart from the ones in this post.

The light source this time around was the same as in that post: two LP160s in an octabox to camera left. However, you’ll notice that the character of the light is quite different. That’s because the light is actually farther from the camera than the subject and angled towards the camera instead of away from it. This means that we’re not getting as much light on the background and that only the edge of the light is hitting the subject, making the whole scene a bit darker and moodier.

You’ll notice a lot of ghost images in the shot above. Those are present because I had trouble triggering the flash and had to expose the same frame 4 or 5 times before it fired properly. I think it’s because the sync cable doesn’t sit as tight on this lens (150mm) as it should. If I hold the cable while I’m shooting it seems to work most of the time, it just makes it a bit awkward to hold. Despite the repeated failures, I really like her expression and the way she’s looking at the camera, so I decided to use the shot anyway.


Here’s the second and final shot, with the flash firing right away. I’m not sure what the bright part to the right is, might be some kind of light leak. This was another of my all analog shoots, so besides these two frames I also took a polaroid to check the light. It’s kind of nice to only take three photos during a shoot and not worry too much about the results. Of course it can also be frustrating if you worry that you might end up with only failures. It helps to think that even the failures can turn out to be something that you really like in end, just like it did here.

I have one more shoot like this, three frames including polaroid, that I’ll probably do a quick post on next week. I also have a couple of analog photos from shoots where I shot digital as well, so I’m thinking about doing another comparison between the two. Until that time, keep shooting.