I know it’s been a bit quiet here lately but I just got scans back from four rolls of film, so I’m going to do a couple of posts about that. It seems like I’m shooting more film than digital these days. If I do a shoot with my digital camera I usually take a couple of frames with my analog one as well, and sometimes I do a shoot entirely analog, like this one.

I’m shooting for myself, I don’t have any clients or deadlines. So the most important thing to me when it comes to photography is that I enjoy both the process and the results. If I was a working photographer I would probably stick to digital most of the time. It’s safer since you can see the results immediately, so you’ll know if you’ve messed up. It’s also faster, cheaper (in the long run) and a lot more convenient. So what is it with analog? It has a soul to it, a life, an honesty, magic. I don’t really care that you can edit digital photos to look almost indistinguishable from film, it’s still not the same as the finality of pressing the shutter, hearing the mechanical click and knowing that that’s that, the frame is exposed and you won’t know the results until much later.

When I shoot film, each frame holds so much more meaning to me.


I think we got a bit off track there. Lights, camera and…no action please, sit very still. That’s what I told my model in the shot at the top. It was shot with my Hasselblad, 150mm lens at f4 and an 11mm extension tube to allow closer focusing. What that means, for those of you who doesn’t speak camera nerd, is that we have a very shallow depth of field that requires quite some care with the manual focusing. I only shot a single frame this close and luckily the focus is almost perfect. I love the soft and subtle look you get from shooting like this.


Lighting was two LP160s in an octabox from camera right. There’s also a reflector to camera left for some passive fill, though I don’t think that was in place for the bottom shot. Here she’s holding a huge balloon that was part of her birthday celebration, and the light is coming through it. Just a little experiment that was kind of fun but could have worked better. Maybe I’ll try it again and put a flash actually inside the balloon, that could be interesting.

That’s all for this time. Very simple portraits, captured on Kodak Portra 400.