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A six month old baby girl. This was taken at my mom’s place where pretty much every room is fit for a photo shoot. The shot itself couldn’t be simpler; two LP160s in an octabox to camera left, pretending to be window light by standing in front of the window. The actual window light was coming from behind the subject, from a small window near the ceiling, and didn’t provide enough light to shoot the way I wanted.

Unlike the bigger subject I usually shoot, this one didn’t have any trouble staying in the right place. She did however have some trouble looking in the right direction, despite the photographer’s and his assistant’s best efforts to act as silly as possible.


The efforts weren’t without success though. They were rewarded with a few nice expressions from the little one, who is, by most accounts, a rather happy baby. A lot of the photos looked more or less the same, since you can’t exactly ask a baby for specific poses. In the end I have to call this a success. The location makes a huge difference. Had I shot these exact same photos in the sofa at home they would have looked really bad.

For those of you who may not have access to any great locations, I would suggest to shoot something like this on a plain white background instead – a bed sheet or a piece of foamcore.

I can’t think of much else to say right now, this was, as already mentioned, a very simple and easy shoot. So, until next time.



4 Responses to “What’s small and round?”

  1. Paul D

    Hi Peter, I early like the colour and skin tones you are getting in your photos. It doesn’t look typically “Fuji” to me. I wondered what post processing, colour profiles you use for your x100s stuff.

    • Rifqi

      Thanks, glad you like it. I use Lightroom (still on 4) and I typically use one of the Astia presets from VSCO Film 04 as a very rough starting point. In some cases I use other VSCO packs as well, like I did for these, which used Kodak Gold 100– from Film 05. I use the presets to get the colours in the right ballpark but then I tweak pretty much everything before I’m done. If you do a search for VSCO on the blog you’ll find a couple of posts where I look a bit closer at film pack 04 and 05, if you’re interested.

      • Paul D

        Thanks for the tip. I’m having a play with VSCO-04 Astia 100F. It does some interesting things with the contrast of the image.

  2. Do it again | Rifqi's photo

    […] Those few of you who are regular readers will recognize the bedroom in which the above photo was taken. It’s at my mom’s place and it’s a bedroom that just begs to be used as a studio. These photos were taken just a day apart from the ones in this post. […]


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