If you follow my blog or look at my photos on any of my other sites you’ll notice something different about the little one today. She has a whole new look with short hair instead of the long, tangled mane she had before. On an occasion like this you’re pretty much obliged to pose for a few portraits, I think it clearly states so in the rule book.

Below you can see the setup that was used and the model eating her bribe, the promise of which kept her in the right place long enough for the photographer to do his thing.


We have two LP160s in an octabox from camera right and another LP160 in a gridded softbox from camera left.

The softbox that’s used for the rim is gridded to keep it more controlled and off the background (which is a piece of foamcore). You can obviously do this without the grid but in that case you should be prepared for some spill on the background. Personally I like it this way.


It was a fairly quick shoot, as usual, with maybe a dozen frames in total. I managed to get a few fun expressions from the muppet so on the whole I’m pretty happy with the results.


I also shot two frames with my Hasselblad but you’ll have to wait another month or two to see those. Unless they’re bad, in which case you’ll never see them.

Quick and simple setup. You can vary the way the background appears by moving the subject closer or farther from it. Far enough and the background will just go black, though if you’re tight on space or using a small background like I’m doing here you might need to flag the main light instead if you want to achieve that.

That’s all for today but I’ll be back.