The little one got some new accessories for summer the other day, so I figured I should take some photos of her new style.

I wanted to try something slightly different from my normal style, so the octabox didn’t come out for this shoot. Instead the main light is a gridded softbox with a LP160 from camera right. Behind and to either side of the subject is a LP160 in a collapsed umbrella. The reason for the umbrellas to be collapsed was mainly to save space – a precious commodity.


I think this will be a rather short post since there really isn’t much more to say. I set the lights up, put my subject in the right spot and took some pictures. I’m not terribly happy with the results but I guess it works. In the shot below the rim light from camera left didn’t fire because the flash ran out of battery. You can see that the rim is pretty subtle if you compare it to the other shots.


At the moment I’m not all that inspired to shoot studio portraits but the weather is getting better so perhaps I’ll venture outside in the near future. I haven’t shot any portraits outside since Christmas and I’m looking forward to doing something new. I’m also shooting some more intimate and personal stuff with my analog camera but most of that won’t be posted here. For those interested, you can find more of my analog photos on Chasing Childhood and my portfolio site.

Well, I guess that’s it for today then, sorry for the lack of interesting content. See you next time.