This is the second shoot I had in mind that I alluded to in the previous post. It’s a bit the opposite to the high key ones from before. The idea behind these photos was to show off every detail of the subject and let that speak for itself. To achieve that I used a light that doesn’t really draw much attention to itself, while it still illuminates everything.

The key light is a LP160 in a softbox that’s boomed above and in front of the subject. By itself this is a fairly hard light that will create deep shadows if there’s no other light around to fill in said shadows. So, we add a second light that does just that, another LP160 in an octabox behind the camera. This light was brought up to fill the shadows just below the key light. I actually should have added a second LP160 in the octabox because that lone flash had to work quite hard to push enough light through when shooting at f8. I guess I was too lazy for that. Anyway, now we have detail in all the shadows as well.


I think the light works well and does the job intended while still staying in the background. Speaking of background, that’s simply a black bed sheet. The original plan was to have the little one sleeping but she woke up and wouldn’t go to sleep again, which complicated things. However, this might have worked even better than if she was sleeping, especially the shot at the top, which has a very real and raw feel to it.


Speaking of original plans; I was almost certain that I would do these in black and white. In fact, I even set the camera’s jpegs to black and white to get an idea of what it would look like as I was shooting. In the end the colour version won out though (I’m sure some of you will disagree). It might be because it adds to the rawness of it. I like the black and white version as well, it’s just that I feel there’s more life with colour.

In terms of post processing I’ve mostly worked on the colours in order to achieve a skin tone that’s pleasing (I’ve pretty much abandoned the idea of going for accurate colours). The skin is left pretty much as is, except for a few spot removals to deal with flaky skin. There’s also a vignette to make the arms fade out and not draw attention to them.

That’s all for this time. The next post might be a while but I’m not going off the grid completely just because I now have twice the amount of daughters, so stay tuned.