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As you might be able to deduce from the photos in this post, my wife’s belly is now considerably flatter and we have a new family member: little Eira. Everything went very fast, the water broke on the way to the hospital and I was still at home waiting for my mother to come over to watch the other little one when I got a call from my wife saying it was over. It all happened around 11 in the night and everyone was back home by lunch the day after. Nice and easy.

The photos are quite simple but they do have a bit more to them than you might first suspect, so I’ll walk you through the setup since I, true to form, forgot to take a setup shot.


Main light was my mainstay of two LP160s in an octabox to camera left. This light was also flagged a bit so it wouldn’t hit the background directly, since that created a very obvious shift in brightness of the background and I didn’t want to blow the background completely. In some cases a completely white, blown out background is just what you want but with a subject like this I feel it would be too noisy, for lack of a better way to describe it. The softer tone of the foam core board when its brightness is just below that of the foreground works much better here.

To further soften the main light and get rid of potential hot spots there was also an extra diffusion panel between just in front of the subject. The final touch was another LP160 that was simply bounced on a wall to camera right for some fill. That served to both soften the shadows and brighten the right side of the background.


I’m pretty happy with how these turned out, considering it’s not what I usually shoot. I’m probably gonna do at least one more shoot with her in the next week with a different look that I have in mind.

The hardest part of all this was actually to pose her. I thought it would be easy but she didn’t really enjoy being bent and twisted as she was sleeping…go figure. Maybe I need to be a bit more patient next time and wait until she’s in a deeper sleep.

That’s all for today. I promise you won’t be seeing too many baby photos here in the near future, I prefer my subjects a bit bigger. Give it a couple of years though. Now I’m off to change some diapers.



10 Responses to “Soft and fluffy”

  1. ch1k03

    Wow congrats rifqi.. Welcome to the world little cute baby Eira.. nice to see uuu


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