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I usually don’t shoot much in black and white but I haven’t been entirely happy with the colour balance when I’m shooting film and using flash. Perhaps that will improve if I start scanning myself but for now I think I’ll stick to black and white for my studio work when it comes to analog. The film I used for these photos was Kodak T-Max 100 and I haven’t done very much to them in post, just removed a few dust spots and added a bit of contrast and sharpness. Of course the camera was my Hasselblad 500 c/m.


The 80mm lens for the Hasselblad is a great lens but it doesn’t allow you to focus very close. That’s why I got myself a 21mm extension tube. I would have preferred an 8 or 10mm but those arent as easy to find. The 21 gets you a bit too close but I figured it would be useful for the baby that’s on the way as well. Anyways, today’s shoot was mostly about testing said extension tube and it was used for the two shots above.

As you can see I’m quite close to my subjects but actually I’m as far away as I can get with the extension tube attached. So you can see why I would like something that could give me a bit more room to play with. I also shot these wide open at f2.8, so the DOF is very shallow, which meant that my subjects had to sit very still for me to get focus right. I knew the big one could sit still but to my great surprise the little one was also very patient this day. I think she knows that the big camera is slow.


Here you can see the setup. It’s pretty much as simple as it gets. For the two previous photos the light (two LP160s in an octabox) was placed more behind the subject. Below you can see the obligatory shot through the viewfinder that everyone who has a camera like this makes at some point.

Into the viewfinder

I don’t have that much else to say about these photos. They’re very simple, in part because I like a simple style but also because I wanted to focus on my focus, so to speak, and not have a lot of other distractions. It was mostly meant as a test roll to see both the results of the extension tube and of T-Max with this camera.


The results are decent enough but the tricky focus meant that I couldn’t really capture any special moments with my subjects, since every little movement would mean missed focus. As with everything else it’s all about practice though, and I’m confident that I’ll get faster a more accurate as I get more experience.

Until next time.



2 Responses to “Getting close”

  1. Wilhelm

    So very narrow depth of field. In the last picture even the far eye is a bit soft. Time to upgrade to a camera that will let you tilt the lens. 🙂

    • Rifqi

      A tilt-shift lens would definitely be pretty awesome but there won’t be any new cameras now :p I’ve found both a digital and an analog camera that I’m very happy with and that my wallet can agree with :p


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