The photos in today’s post were taken the day before the ones in the previous post. On that day the weather was very boring with a grey sky and wet ground. I didn’t have much hope of getting better weather so I figured that I should at least try to shooting something in the house. This isn’t our house, it’s my mom’s place and we were visiting for a few days over Christmas. Anyways, the bedroom is pretty awesome and I always feel that it’s a great location to shoot every time I look in there.

The problem was that I didn’t want a portrait that looked like there was a big light just out of frame in the room. Instead I wanted a more natural feeling, though obviously not the natural grey and dull feeling we had on this particular day. I did some scouting outside and found a strategically placed table that let me get my lights just high enough.

Setup 1

What you see here is the biggest stand I can travel with conveniently, extended to its full length and with two LP160s sitting on top of it. I weighed the stand down with some stuff as well since it was swaying a bit precariously. In order to make the light a bit softer I also took the front diffusion panel from my octabox and taped it over the window. Like so:

Setup 2

I doesn’t cover the window perfectly but I figured that any stray light coming through the cracks would just help to make it feel more authentic. Since my flashes were now in a rather inconvenient place, I wanted to make sure I didn’t have to run out and change the settings several times before getting good results. For that reason I set them to half power (for faster recycling times) and simply changed ISO to control the exposure. That way I could stay at my desired aperture and still vary the flash exposure without touching the flashes.


However, it turned out that things weren’t supposed to be quite that easy. Just after I was done with the test shots and started taking the first few frames, it started snowing heavily, with big, fat flakes. That was the snow you saw in the photos from the previous post. Lovely though it was, I knew it wouldn’t play well with my flashes, so I had to grab a plastic bag and run out to cover them. No harm done in the end though.

I think the final results works pretty well and I hope it can give the feeling that it was shot on a bright day with the early sun still rising (since my stand wasn’t tall enough to get the sun in a higher position). I still have a few more photos from this trip that I would like to share in my next post, so look forward to that.