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Today’s post should be a short one. As often is the case, I simply felt the need to shoot something and the weather around here has been pretty abysmal lately (which is to say that it’s the same weather we have every year around this time), so going out to shoot hasn’t really been an option. The setup is almost the same as the one used a couple of posts back, so I’ll just borrow the setup shot from that.


The main difference this time was that I didn’t use the extra diffusion in front of the main light. We have the usual two LP160s in an octabox to camera right and rim light is another LP160 in a gridded softbox to camera left. This time I also put a half CTB on the rim, instead of changing the white balance locally like I did on the previous one. Another difference is that the main light was coming more from the front than what you see in the setup shot. Last time I was aiming for a slight profile shot but this time I wanted her to face the camera. You can do a lot with two lights and this is a fairly simple setup that should yield good results as long as you don’t manage to screw things up (easier said than done).


Again I had trouble choosing between black and white or colour for my edits. I almost always go for colour but I just felt that the shot at the top worked better in black and white for some reason. In that one I told her to look serious but her lip kept twitching, so I managed to capture a really nice expression. The grin in the second one is pretty cute too.

Happy shooting until next time.



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