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I like to take pictures of our girl when she has some new clothes; she’s usually excited about it and wants to show it off. On top of that I can often get some idea or inspiration for a photo shoot when she has something of a new look. This time around it was a new winter jacket that was the source of amusement.

There was two lights used. Main light was a LP160 in a gridded softbox boomed just in front of the subject. Fill light was two LP160s in an octabox directly behind the camera. Background was a black piece of foam core, held in place by my patient wife. You can see the setup below, minus the wife.


I actually had a problem with my main light changing position during the shoot. The reason was that I hadn’t tightened one of the knobs on the support properly. Of course it was the last knob I tried that solved the problem, so the light only stayed where I had initially intended for the last couple of frames. The shot at the top was one of the first frames and the light was pointing more down than it should. However, it ended up being my favourite shot since the moodier light works really well with her expression. I also went with black and white for that one. Even though I almost always prefer colour, some shots are simply made for black and white.


Here’s one of the final shots where I had sorted out the position of the light. Unfortunately I had lost my subject’s interest at this point, so I didn’t have time to fine tune the light ratios properly. That’s always a big problem when shooting my daughter: if I don’t get it right from the start, I won’t get a chance to fix it later, because at that point I won’t have a subject anymore. Even with bribes it can be difficult to keep her for just a couple more frames. The fact that she wants to check the results at the back of the camera between each shot just makes things even more difficult, since that means that she’ll change position and any small adjustments done earlier will be wasted.

Still, despite some issues with the gear and subject I’m quite happy with these. I don’t get nearly as much shooting done as I want these days and the weather is just getting colder and wetter, so the schedule for new posts will probably slow down considerably now during the winter. I’ll try my best to make the posts count though.



4 Responses to “Winter is coming”

  1. Nicolas

    Have you tried to hook up the camera to a computer so the output shows on the screen (oriented towards her)? That way, maybe she won’t move as much…

    • Rifqi

      Good idea, though I still doubt it would work :p I can’t tether this camera either, though I guess I could use a wifi card and transfer it that way. I’m just happy if I can get half a dozen frames before she wanders off.


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