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Big announcement today: I have a new portfolio site at rifqisphoto.com.

I’ve been lusting for a site like this for quite some time now and finally did something about it. I like wordpress a lot for my blog but it’s never provided a satisfactory way do display my work. Sure, there are galleries but they’re very limited in how to display things. For a portfolio that could really do my photos justice I’ve been wanting something cleaner and faster. It’s also important that the images can be viewed in a large format.

The site is built with Squarespace 6, which is a service that I’ve known about for a long time. I’ve always thought it looked great and, for my birthday, I signed up for a trial account. It’s very easy to get started and, once you’ve accustomed yourself to the layout, it’s quite intuitive to make changes to the design and content. There isn’t a ton of templates to choose from but what’s there is both very customizable and gorgeous to look at. Everything looks sleek, professional and very well designed.

I’m still tweaking things but I’m very happy with how it looks and how it navigates. Would love to hear from you guys as well if there’s anything you think could be improved or if you feel something is missing. The site also has a blog but, as I’ve written in the first post there, I’ll still keep posting the regular discussions here. I haven’t quite decided if I’ll run the posts on both sites and move everything over to the new one eventually or if I’ll keep them separate. I’m thinking that the blog on the portfolio could be more news related. Another alternative would be to simply remove it and just link back to this blog directly from the menu, keeping the new site as a pure portfolio. Whatever happens it will still be sometime in the future, so this blog won’t die anytime soon.

If you haven’t checked it out already, do so and let me know what you think. There aren’t any new photos but I hope you’ll agree that they’re displayed a lot better than here.



5 Responses to “New portfolio”

  1. allentimphotos2

    Tried to send you this message, “Stunning site. Wonderful to see your selected images together in specific portfolios,” on your new site. I got this message, “Unable to send form. No storage service is configured. Configure one using the ‘Storage’ tab from the configuration area for this block.” Not a problem – working out the bugs is part of getting a new site up and running.


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