White dress in forest

I wanted to shoot some different subjects while visiting my mom’s place but it turned out that this was the only chance I got to shoot someone other than my daughter. So, the subject for today is my sister. She’s usually very difficult to get in front of a camera but lately she’s started posting lots of selfies on facebook…no idea what’s up with that. Hopefully most of you will agree that these portraits are slightly better than your average selfie though.

As evident from the presence of trees, shrubbery and other forms of greenery, we ventured into the forest for this shoot. We waited until the time of day when the light would be in the right place and luckily the sky remained clear. In addition to the sun my subject was lit by two LP160s in an octabox to camera right. You can also see that there’s some very heavy flare in these shots and that was a conscious decision. I actually had to go out of my way to find the angles that would let the light hit the lens in just the right way to create this kind of flare. Some may not like it but I think it adds to the mood that we were going for.

White dress in forest

Finding the angles was made all the more difficult by the fact that I seemed to be standing in the middle of an ant-trail, no matter where I stood…and what horrible little creatures they are. My subject was fine where she was standing but they were crawling all over me and I got bitten a couple of times. I had to stomp in place and then stop, try to keep steady and snap a frame before jumping up and down to get the ants off me again. Why not move to a different location? Because this was where the light and background worked the best and I wasn’t about to give in to those overly aggressive bastards.

In the end we didn’t get very many frames (I will however not admit defeat) but I think the results are pretty decent. You might also notice that the colour palette is a bit more subdued than what I usually use. Again, that was to help the mood in the right direction, which I think these more earthy colours do.

That was my tale of light and ant-terror. Until next time.