Today’s shoot was a very quick affair with only a few frames taken. This was the evening before the day we went back home from my mom’s place. I had a bit of bad luck with the light for a couple of days, so I still wanted to shoot something more before packing everything up. I had been eying the newly finished bedroom since we got there, so that’s where I set things up. The initial plan had been to shoot when golden light was coming in through the window above the bed but that wasn’t going to happen anymore. I thought I could still make it work though.

After setting up my two LP160s in an octabox to camera left, it was time for the most difficult part: convincing my daughter to change her clothes to something that better matched the palette of the room and get her to pose for me. It took some doing but I think the matching colours of all the elements makes it worth it.

There was one more thing that I added to the frame and that’s the moose feet-adorned stool which my subject is sitting on. A rather unique piece of furniture that was created from a moose that was shot the previous season. It was too good not to include in at least one photo shoot, so here it is.


As mentioned, the shoot was very quick and simple. I didn’t want it to look overly lit, so the flash is balanced with the ambient to get a pretty natural look. If there’s one thing I would change with these shots it would be to use a wider lens. Unfortunately I don’t have anything wider but it would have been great to get the whole bed in the frame. The width of the room isn’t a limiting factor since there’s plenty of space on both sides. Getting more of the floor and ceiling would’ve also been nice. In fact, I think this would have been great with a really wide angle to take in a lot more of the room and exaggerate the size of it. I might have to consider getting the wide angle converter for my X100S at some point.

While not my best work, I still think these photos are kind of fun. In my next post we’ll see more of my usual style and a subject that you haven’t seen many times before.