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Big sister

I’ve been a bit quiet lately but I’m hoping to get some good shooting done next week, so after that I should have enough for a few more interesting posts. Today my daughter has some news to share.

I did these shots as a way to bring the news to the rest of the family, so there really isn’t all that much I can say about them. Main light is two LP160s in an octabox to camera left. To camera right and just behind the subject there’s another LP160 firing into a reflector. For the reflector I used a cover with a mixed silver and gold surface, which is why the rim light appears a bit warmer.

Big sister

If I could change anything about these shots I would have liked the rim light to come a bit more from behind. Unfortunately I’m (as usual) limited by the space available. The background is a piece of white foamcore and the fact that my subject needs to be very close to it is another reason I can’t get the rim any farther back. If the subject moved forward the background wouldn’t cover the whole frame. Perhaps the rim could also have been a bit more subtle.

Big sister

As an announcement I still think the pictures work decently, though they’re not exactly my favourites. The only questions is which expression accurately describes my daughters feelings in the matter. I’m guessing the first one, since that’s her reaction to a lot of things.

Stay tuned and in a couple of weeks I’m hopeful that I’ll have some better stuff to share.



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