Little lifeguard

Summer is slowly starting to make an appearance here in the cold and hostile environment of Sweden, so I brought my little model (and lovely assistant) to the local lake for a photo shoot in the sun. We tried to get there as early as possible, both to get there before too many other people showed up and to get some shooting done before the sun got too high in the sky.

The sun was a bit higher than I would have liked but it still did a pretty good job as a rim light. The setup was the usual one I use for location work (and a lot of studio work) with two LP160s in an octabox. I think you can figure out from which direction the light is coming and I was working with the edge of the light to keep it softer. It’s also very close to the edge of the frame and, in some cases where I weren’t paying enough attention, even in the frame. That’s why I had to crop the above shot like I did, otherwise I would have kept a bit more of the left side. Still works though, and I quite like the 4×5 format anyway.

Little lifeguard

I wanted to work a bit with some flare but the above shot was the only one where I managed to create some. Had the sun been lower it would have been easier to find the right angles for flare. I guess I’ll just have to endure the torture of getting up even earlier next time.

My little model has started getting into the habit of posing for her photos and also of smiling a lot. You might think that’s a good thing but you would be terribly wrong. Her idea of posing is to make lots of weird hand signs and contorting her body in different ways. Her idea of smiling is to show her teeth in a way that makes her face look as stiff and fake as possible. Luckily she’s easily distracted, so I can often get her to laugh and smile naturally instead, which makes her look extremely cute instead of slightly terrifying.

By the lake

We’ve lived here for about three and a half years now but it’s only recently that we discovered this lake just half an hour away with public transport. It’s quite a nice location so I’m definitely returning for some more portraits during the summer, possibly later in the evening for some golden light instead. Actually we’ll already return to this location for my next post but it will be for something completely different. I hope that cliffhanger leaves you sufficiently intrigued.