The setup for today’s photo is very similar to that from the previous post. I’ll do a recap for you sinners who missed that one: Background is a piece of black foamcore, light is two LP160s in an octabox. The difference is that we have a much prettier model and the light is coming from camera right instead of directly above the subject.


There were a few reasons for doing this shoot and the main one was that I wanted to test my new tele converter for the X100S. I’ll have an entry for it in the gear section eventually but the gist of it is that it’s a high quality converter that turns the 35mm (equivalent) lens of the X100S into a 50mm. It’s not a huge difference but it does mean that I get a considerable step closer to the only thing I’ve really been missing since getting rid of my DSLR, which is a longer portrait lens. Now I can get a fair bit closer to my subject without getting that rather unflattering distortion that comes with a wider lens. It still can’t be considered a portrait lens but I often prefer the slightly wider view of a 50mm instead of the more traditional 85mm anyway, it just seems more intimate.


That was the main reason I wanted to shoot some portraits. The second reason was that the little one had just gotten some new dresses and this blue one with butterflies immediately became her favourite. It was also the one best suited for a photo like this since the colour doesn’t grab too much attention – it was a win win.

I wanted something a bit extra for the portrait so I decided to add some wind, since that makes everything look cooler. For a wind machine I used my wife who was fanning with the lid for a box from camera right. The biggest challenge with this whole shoot was that the wind also blew the background away. I guess I should have secured it somehow but we simply tried to fan a bit less. The result was that the hair didn’t blow around all that much but at least it adds some life and motion to the portraits.

Quick shoot, as always, maybe a dozen frames and we were done. In the next post we’re shooting outside, for the kind of portrait I enjoy the most, so stay tuned for that.