Self portrait

Just a short one today, since the photo isn’t all that interesting, though the subject is a rather handsome one. The photography side of things have been a bit slow after we came back from our holiday in Indonesia but I felt I had to shoot something and the only thing available was myself. I kept things very simply and you can see the setup below.


The light is my standard two LP160s in an octabox and here it’s boomed directly above the chair I was sitting on. I’m also sitting at the very edge of the light, which serves both to make sure there’s a big light source in front of me and to make the light fall off as it reaches the background. The point of having a big light source in front of me is that it will wrap around the face and keep the shadows in check. There’s still shadows of course, but they’re not too harsh, not like they would have been if we moved the light towards the background instead.

This kind of light isn’t something I would recommend for girls or anyone you want to look soft. It’s a light that gives a bit similar effect to someone peering out from under the brim of a hat. The eyes look a bit mysterious as they come out from under the shadows.

Not one of my best portraits but perhaps someone can learn something from it. I have something equally simply but a lot nicer for the next post, so check back for that.