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My wife recently wanted a new profile picture for herself, so naturally the photographer was called in to deliver. The only instructions I got was that she didn’t want it in the darker and more dramatic style I often use.

A brighter portrait might make you think of a bigger light source but I wanted to make sure I don’t shoot everything the same way. So for my main light I used a LP160 in a softbox to camera right. It’s still a soft light but it has more punch than my octabox. However, you can still make a smaller light source look soft if you control the shadows with a second light, which in this case was another LP160 in said octabox behind the camera. Finally there’s a third LP160 with an umbrella from camera left, slightly behind the subject.


The rim light isn’t very pronounced but it does make a difference to the overall feel of the image. You can see it a bit more clearly in the shot above here. The background is a piece of white foamcore and I haven’t done anything with it, it’s just lit by whatever light is hitting it.

This is a fairly simple portrait and it looks a bit like it could be only one light when in fact there’s three. I think the final result is decent enough, though not spectacular in any way. Certainly works as a profile photo for a blog or facebook at any rate. I don’t really know what else to say about this, there’s no funny story involved and no drama. It would have been nice to do a few tighter shots as well but the wide nature of the lens on the X100S makes it difficult to do that without making your subject look rounder, which is something my wife wouldn’t appreciate. I’ve actually preordered the new teleconverter for the X100S in order to do something about that, since it will let me shoot a bit tighter portraits again.

Until next time.


2 Responses to “New profile picture”

  1. Renard Moreau

    [ Smiles ] Your profile picture is lovely and you are most photogenic too!


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