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For the photos we’ll look at today I wanted to try something a bit different but it didn’t really work out. It did however work in a completely different way.

The idea was to incorporate some motion in the portraits by having my subject jump, which she quite enjoyed, by the looks of it. First of all I set everything up: main light was a LP160 in a gridded softbox from camera right, the camera was on a tripod (since I was going to use a slow shutter) and behind the camera were two LP160s in an octabox, for fill. The background is a piece of white foamcore.


What I noticed after a few tried was that not much motion registered in the photos, the reason simply being that there wasn’t enough ambient light. I couldn’t really get more light by opening the aperture since my subject was jumping out of focus enough as it was already. Neither could I use an even slower shutter speed, since the jump would then be over before the exposure was done. I guess I could have tried a higher ISO and maybe I’ll do that next time.


Despite the motion part failing rather miserably, there was still something good that came from using the slower shutter speed. If you look in the photos you’ll see that there’s a bit of a yellow cast on her hair and that’s from the lamp in the ceiling. I don’t know about you but I quite like the effect. I could easily have gotten the same photo without that effect by using a fast shutter to eliminate the ambient completely, it wouldn’t even affect the flash exposure. In the end, however, I thought it was an accident that worked and decided to keep it like that.

I’m kicking around the idea of trying this again sometime but to do so in a more deliberate way. If I get a continuous light that’s a lot stronger than the ceiling lamp, I could get both the movement and the additional colour cast to work at the same time. Probably not something I’ll try anytime soon but I’ll keep it filed away for the future.



2 Responses to “Sometimes accidents works”

  1. Bady (@bady_qb)

    you really nail with this flash things. Did you ever wrote about how you set up your flash with your x100S? want to learn about flash


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