Chasing Childhood

Today I have an announcement to make: Rifqi’s photo is getting a sister-blog named Chasing Childhood, which can be found at

This is something I’ve had kicking around in my head for a while now and I finally got around to doing something about it. The idea is simply to share some of my snapshots that capture the nostalgia we all feel when thinking about childhood and that I experience as I watch my daughter grow up. Those snapshots have no place on this blog, so they needed their own space. You can read a bit more in the first post at Chasing Childhood.

While there probably will be the occasional story, the blog’s focus is entirely on the photos and they’re displayed in a rather minimalist way that lends itself well to simply clicking through them. In other words it’s pretty much the opposite of this blog. Still, some of you might find some value in it. At the time of writing there are only twelve posts on the blog but I have daily posts scheduled for over three weeks. After that I’ve gone through my old stuff and things should slow down considerably, but I’ll try to keep the posts trickling in from time to time.