Mother in law

This will be a quick post because it was a very quick shoot. The subject for the day is my mother in law and it’s a very simply portrait. I didn’t want to have her dress up just to take a photo, so I shot this just after she came home from work – she works as a teacher. I had the light set up and ready for her and it was all over after six frames, of which I think this was the fifth; one keeper, done deal.

No fancy studio was involved, just my regular two LP160s in an octabox, set up in the living room. I didn’t even have a background, just tried to get things as far away as possible from the other side of the room, so that no light would get there. The ambient was easy enough to get rid of and the angle of the octabox was chosen to minimize the amount of light that would reach the back of the room as well.

The background needed a bit of a cleanup in post but nothing advanced. It was all handled in Lightroom.

That’s pretty much it, doesn’t get much simpler than this. Still, simple doesn’t mean bad and I’m quite happy with this portrait. I would have liked to shoot her outside as well but, as you can read here, that didn’t really work out this time. This is the last post with portraits from Indonesia, so the frequency of posts will go down a bit now. Hopefully I can start shooting a bit more again now that the weather is finally starting to get better.