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Another day, another beach, it’s hard work. We went out early in the morning with the intent of catching some nice light but, pretty much as expected, it soon became clear that that wasn’t going to happen. Instead we were treated to more or less the same kind of light as during our previous endeavour to the beach; that is to say, fairly flat and boring light that you really can’t do much with. Luckily the location had something going for it other than the usual sand that tend to make up the better part of most beaches.

My model for the day was my wife’s oldest little sister again. This was also the second shoot during which I got her wet…perhaps I should avoid that next time. We didn’t start in the water though, instead we did some very modelly posing on some stairs, as seen below.


This isn’t my preferred style of portrait but at least my model was doing a pretty good job. The light is the usual two LP160s in an octabox to camera right and I went for a fairly defined light with an underexposed background. I actually tried putting a bare flash on the ground behind a rock to light the trees in the background a bit, but that didn’t work since the optical slave didn’t pick up the main light when it fired. I could have solved it with a rather roundabout way but it didn’t seem like it would be worth the effort. Maybe next time.


After some shots on the stairs we moved to the other side of the rocks and got our feet wet, literally. Here I opted for a bit more subtle light that’s coming from the same direction as the ambient light, just enough to enhance it and define my subject a bit more. The light was being held by my wife way out in the water to camera left.

I think the shot at the top is my favourite but I like her expression in the last one just above here as well. I was trying to time the shot with some bigger waves that were starting to roll in but unfortunately it also started raining, so we had to call it a day pack up.

The lighting is simple enough, so I don’t really have anything else to say about that. However, it could be worth noting that I processed these shots a bit differently than I normally do. The main difference is in the colours, which are more subdued and moodier than what you usually see from me. I usually try some different styles for my shots but almost always end up with the same one, but not this time. These colours just fit the mood of the images perfectly and really helped to enhance them, at least in my opinion, and in large part contributed to me liking them more than I thought I would.


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