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Today’s post is a bit of a continuation from the previous one, since these shoots were back to back with only a wardrobe change between – I think the makeup got a…makeover as well.

When I found out that my model wanted some shots with a second dress, I tried to think of some other lighting setup I could use, just to avoid having everything look the same. Simplicity is often your friend, so I opted for a classic butterfly light. The main light is still two LP160s in an octabox and it’s placed to camera left, as close to the camera as I could get it. Had I had the option to boom the light directly above my subject, to get a more symmetrical light, I would probably have done so. Still, it worked out pretty well with the extra shadow you get from having the light slightly offset like this.


The second light was the same studio flash (still don’t know the brand) that I used before, with the same 50×50(ish) cm softbox. It was held just out of frame on the floor by my wife (she’s becoming a pretty good assistant) and was aimed straight up, so only the edge of the lights hits the subject, making it softer. The power of this light is just below the main, since you still want to maintain the shape and shadows that you get. The resulting light gives the model’s face a nice and flattering glow.


For this part of the shoot the dress was much brighter than the previous one, so I think this more classic light matches the feeling pretty well. Other than that I don’t think I have much else to say about this, it was mostly covered in the previous post. I let my model do most of the work and she seemed to be having fun with different poses. We got plenty of playful and silly shots as well, as is evident below.


We’ll be moving out from the studio in the next post and instead do some shooting on the beach. I still have plenty to go from our holiday, so stay tuned.


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