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Back from evening prayer

This is a quick portrait that I did of my father in law when he got back from evening prayer. I wanted it to look a bit as though it was just taken on the spot with available light; maybe a street light or the light from a house. I am of course using flash though (which you know if you know me…you know), a LP160 with a small softbox to be exact. There is also a 1/2 CTO and a yellow gel on the flash, in order to simulate the kind of light that would typically be seen in a place like this. It kind of matches the light from the building behind the subject, which helps anchor it in the scene. I tried it with only CTO and only yellow gel as well but it looked best when I combined the two. The light is angled down (like a street light would be) and it’s just out of frame (like a street light wouldn’t be).

You might think that there’s a second flash in there, coming from the other side, perhaps with some blue gel. It is, however, simply light from a bare bulb outside the building out of frame to camera left. It’s not blue either, it’s white, I’ve just played with the while balance to get an overall cooler look to the whole image.

This was one of only two occasions when I used my tripod on this trip. I’m shooting at a low ISO so I need a slow shutter to take in enough of the ambient light. I wasn’t worried about my subject moving since I quite like the effect of some movement and the flash will freeze the part that needs to be sharp anyway. I’m fairly happy with the final result, though I’ll probably try a different angle for the light next time, mainly to get at least one eye out from the shadows.

Not much else to say here, it was quick and simple. We’ll get a bit fancier in the next couple of posts.



6 Responses to “Evening portrait”

  1. Carissa

    Did you think to shoot him with his face turned just a bit more toward the light at camera right? I’m wanting to see a bit more light on his face. Just enough to lose that dark socket between his eye and the bridge of his nose and pull a little more catch-light in his eyes.

    • Rifqi

      I wanted him to face the camera head on but I would have liked to change the angle of the light a bit, essentially achieving the same effect. I agree that he could use just a touch more light on his left eye.

  2. allentimphotos2

    Stunning. You seem to have an excellent grasp of using flash correctly. Lucky father-in-law to have such an excellent photographer in the family.

    • Rifqi

      Thanks, I’m still learning though. Hopefully he’s happy with the results, at least he posed without complaints. My wife’s sisters and cousins are different, you can’t keep them away from the camera :p


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