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Smiling in the rain

While we were in Indonesia we got rain almost every other day, sometimes a light drizzle, sometimes the kind you can drown in. On the day of this particular shoot the intensity was somewhere in the middle. The girl you see is my wife’s other sister (you’ve already met the youngest one in the previous post), and she wanted some photos in the rain. It wasn’t something I had planned but I decided to give it a go.

Because of the rain I didn’t want to use my big octabox. I’m sure it could handle it but I didn’t want it to become completely soaked and I was also a bit concerned that the front diffusion panel would get dirty and discoloured. So instead I went the complete opposite direction and used a single LP160 with a grid. I prefer a grid to a snoot in this situation because of the softer falloff but either would work fine.

Looking back

Most of the photos during this session were lit like the one just above here; fairly punchy light with a bit of a noir vibe to it. I think it works pretty well and I like the expression she’s giving me here. However, my favourite shot is the one at the top. I asked her to spin around for me and, after several very silly tries, I got the frame you see at the top. I just love the movement, it makes the whole shot so much more dynamic and alive. I actually don’t mind at all that there’s visual camera shake going on; I could have shot it with a tripod but I don’t know if it would have been better, just different. Even though she’s spinning and there’s camera shake (due to the slow shutter I used) her face is still fairly sharp and that’s because of the flash. Here the flash is just enough to freeze her features a bit and lend some clarity to the most important part of the frame, without attracting any attention to itself.

Hold on

The light was a bit inconsistent during this shoot and that’s because my wife was standing in as my light stand. In her defence it can be said that it’s not entirely easy to aim a gridded light in the right place every time, especially not if you’re also holding an umbrella and you’re busy heckling the model. Still, I got some shots that really surprised me with how much I ended up liking them. I can also mention that I decided to run them in black and white almost as soon as I saw them on the back of the camera, they just work so much better that way.

There’s still a lot left to share from our holiday, so stay tuned.


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