Well folks, I’m back, you can start cheering now. If some of you haven’t been keeping up (shame on you), we’ve been in Indonesia for 7 weeks, visiting my wife’s family. Of course I took the opportunity to shoot quite a bit while we were there, so hopefully you’re looking forward to the photos I’ll share and talk about in the coming weeks. First some random chatter though.

When traveling half way around the world you obviously can’t bring too much gear, unless you’re getting paid, are very rich or don’t mind to bring only one set of clothes. Camera bag is the bare minimum to bring and with that I already have quite a bit of lighting related stuff to work with. However, I wanted to do things properly on this trip, so I also brought my big octabox and the smallest stand I could get away with for it. My bag is a lot lighter after switching to the X100S from my previous DSLR, but after adding a full blown lighting setup I don’t really think I can say that I was traveling light anymore. I also had to take my lightstand apart in order to fit it in the bag.

I have to say that this trip has convinced me that I’ve made some good decisions when it comes to my gear. All of it performed flawlessly the whole time and, even though not exactly light, it can still be thought of as highly portable. Above all, my love for the X100S has been set in stone. I love this little camera so much and I can’t think of a better camera to have by your side when you’re traveling. I can carry it all day without my shoulder getting tired and it performs so well in every situation I’ve used it in. Above all, however, it’s just so much fun to use, you don’t want to put it down. Whatever you do, don’t go to the camera store to look at this camera, don’t borrow it from a friend, you’ll want one.

I’m going to leave you with a few random street shots, nothing good, just something to keep you busy until I’ve had time to write some posts about the more interesting shoots I did. These are shots that I would never have bothered taking with my DSLR, simply because it wouldn’t have been with me. It’s still not something I feel confident shooting though, but perhaps you can find some value in it anyway.