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Half of you probably already own this book but it really can’t be recommended enough. If you’re a photographer, especially one that shoots people in any capacity, this book really needs to be in your library.


Gregory Heisler has been one of my favourite photographers ever since I was first introduced to his work. There’s an effortless and timeless quality to his portraits, it just looks so easy and natural (though it really isn’t, as you will quickly notice if you try to emulate him). However, awesome though the photos are, many people have already noted that they’re not the most important part of the book, something I’m inclined to agree with.


Instead it’s Heisler’s whole approach and way of thinking about photography that makes this such a compelling read. He’s meticulous to say the least, yet he doesn’t let the technical get in the way of capturing his subjects. He also has a grasp of light and the colour of light that you can only envy.


This book will both inspire you and depress you. You’ll want to start shooting portraits immediately but then you’ll be disappointed that you can’t produce results that are even close to the simplest of images found here.

Go out and buy it if you haven’t already, there’s no way around it.


2 Responses to “More or less required reading”

  1. Carissa

    Thanks for the rec. I bought it and am devouring and savoring at the same time. I love his technical notes.


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