Wife with cake

By the time this is posted I’ll be in a warmer place, enjoying the complete lack of work and hopefully finding a thing or two to shoot. If things go according to plan I’ll have plenty of things to share when I get back.

This shot was taken a few weeks ago, after my wife made a practice cake. She wanted a clean and simple photo, so I set up a white background and started working. I started with two LP160s in a octabox from camera right, as you can see below.

Octabox from camera left.

Octabox from camera right.

Kind of works but it doesn’t really give off the bright feeling we’re after. I tried putting a silver reflector to camera left in order to fill the shadows but it wasn’t satisfactory (it might actually already be in place in the above shot). I decided to keep the reflector but gave it an extra boost.

Another LP160, bounced off a silver reflerctor to camera left has been added.

Another LP160, bounced off a silver reflector to camera left has been added.

In the above shot there’s a LP160 being fired into the reflector so that it’s no longer a passive fill. This looks better, I especially like the way her hair catches the light coming in from camera left now. Still, it doesn’t quite feel right, the shadows are a bit harsh for this subject and the intent of the picture.

Third light added, a simple fill from behind the camera.

Third light added, a simple fill from below.

The final light is a YN560 in an umbrella from directly below and in front of the camera. The fill is exposing just a bit under the main lights, enough to lift the shadows but not enough to make the image completely flat. Now we’re getting a much brighter feeling and all that needs to be done is to tweak the positions a little bit.


Above you can see the complete setup and just how limited the space that I have to work in is. Doesn’t exactly look glamorous, does it? The background is a piece of white foamcore on a chair. I wouldn’t call this one of my best shots (don’t have many of those unfortunately) but perhaps it can be of interest to see the process step by step like this.

I have a couple more posts prepared for you between now and by the time I get back at the end of January. Until then, keep shooting.