I was in the need for a passport picture for a visa application, so of course I set things up and took it myself – it should only take me a couple of lifetimes to get back all the money spent on camera gear like this. After having achieved a perfectly boring and bland photo of myself, I decided to throw up a couple more lights and see if I couldn’t get a few decent shots of the little one as well.

As is customary, I forgot to take a setup shot but let’s walk through it. The background is a piece of white foamcore and it’s not lit with anything except whatever hits it from the other lights. Main light is two LP160s in an octabox from camera left. To camera right and slightly behind the subject is a YN560 with a small softbox for rim light. Finally there’s a LP160 in an umbrella just behind the camera, for fill light.


I tried a couple of different locations for the rim light, like in the shot above here, where it’s coming in more above that in the first shot. Not that much else to say here really, my subject kind of makes it work in the end, as usual. I was making a fool out of myself in an attempt to get some nice expressions from her and it seemed to work some of the time. As you can see in the top shot she’s lost a tooth recently – you might have noticed it before but this is the first photo where you really can’t miss it. She managed that after doing a face plant on a slide in daycare. She was very good at the dentist, didn’t even complain when they drugged her and pulled the tooth out (it had cracked in the middle and had to come out).

That’s pretty much it for today, so I’ll see you around next time.