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Ocean view

This is the last post with photos taken during our time as homeless nomads roaming the land, sleeping where we could find refuge from weather and wind (or where a relative had a free bed). For those who missed the action, I’m talking about a fire in our building, which resulted in us being unable to live there for over a month. The photos in today’s post were all taken during an evening by the ocean in Varberg, Sweden, where my grandmother lives. You’ve seen her on the blog here before, the latest (and best) appearance being here.

Enough about her though, today we’re talking about my first attempts at some long exposures.

Ocean rocks

I’ve been wanting to try some shots like these for a while and I finally had a decent place to try it in. In anticipation of a situation like this, I had previously gotten a good ND filter and a release cable for my camera, so I was ready to rock (no pun intended, or perceived, I’m willing to wager). Unfortunately my release cable broke the week before, after just a few uses, so I had to hold down the shutter button manually. Since then I’ve gotten a new cable that seems to be of better quality.

Rocky coast

I don’t really have that much to say regarding technique or other fancy things here, all that was involved was to point the camera in a direction that looked good and hold down the shutter to get a long exposure. Ok, maybe it was a little more involved than that but not much. I think some of these shots were taken without the additional ND filter, just using the 3-stop filter that’s built into the X100S. All the shots were at f11 or f16 to keep as much light out as possible. The top shot was a 50 second exposure, the one just above here was 160 seconds.


I think the results are pretty decent but the sunset could have been a bit more interesting. Above all, however, I wish there could have been more wind to create some bigger waves. The results get a lot more impressive when there’s more movement that’s blurred by the long exposure. I’ll definitely try this again, hopefully at an even better location or at a better time. I’m very quickly learning that a landscape photographer’s results depend a lot on his patience and perseverance.

Until next time.



2 Responses to “Smooth water”

  1. lightbox3d

    Excellent shots! What type of post-processing do you use? You could have spiced up the sunset in post production to make it a bit “more interesting”. Nice job.

    • Rifqi

      Thanks. Most of the time I just work in Lightroom and that’s what I did with these. It’s already fairly spiced up compared to the raw files but I guess I could push it a bit further. What I really need is a proper monitor to edit on, since I use a TV at the moment. Not exactly color correct or a good representation of contrast and saturation.


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