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Alyzza on a log

I know, today’s title isn’t very inspired, I blame…I’m sure there’s something that deserves some blame. Anyway, this was a quick and simple shoot, as most that I do tend to be. The biggest problem was to get my light in a good position, since there wasn’t much space to maneuver in between the trees. It ended up to camera left and it’s the usual octabox with two LP160s in it. You can see how it illuminates the branches of the tree as well, which actually creates a pretty nice effect.

Alyzza on a log

I would have liked to position the light differently, a bit more to the side and from above, but there just wasn’t enough space for that. I really wanted to use this location though, so I had to make the best of it. The day before the shoot I discovered this location and noted what time of day the light would look nice, coming in from behind the subject through the trees. It was actually surprisingly dark, even with the lovely light, and you can see the evidence of that if you look at the muppet’s foot in the shot above. As usual she wasn’t sitting still during the whole time and you can see the motion blur here, due to the fairly slow shutter speed required. I quite like it though and I feel like shooting something with more intentional movement in it as well – probably have to use a subject more open to instructions for that though.

Alyzza on a log

Even though these shots aren’t quite as good as the ones by the lake from a couple of posts back, I still like them a lot. For the next time I would try to underexpose the ambient a bit, to get more drama, and work more on getting the light in a better position, it really is a bit too flat. Not too bad for a few minutes work though; I haven’t checked but I’m sure the whole shoot took less than 10 minutes, possibly as little as 5.

Btw, the more I shoot with my X100S the more I love it. It really is liberating to have such a small and light camera that can produce results like this. I have zero regret about letting go of my DSLR.  A second btw (Bbtw? Btww? Am I over-thinking this?), just as in the lake shots, VSCO Film 04 was used as a base for these edits. The preset I started working from was ‘Fuji Astia 100F Balance Warm’, for those who are interested.

That would be all for today, move along now.



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