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Morning in the forest

Another early morning and a brisk 30-minute walk is pretty much the story behind these shots. I set out well before sunrise, in the opposite direction of the lake from a couple of posts back, towards a spot that I had scouted the day before. It turned out that I got there way too early though, so I sat down to wait. The forest around dawn is a pretty awesome place, you can hear every little sound and everything is so still.

Morning in the forest

It turned out that the spot I had such hopes in wouldn’t get any decent light for a few hours, so I gave up on that (with a mental note to return at a later time on another day) and started walking around a bit. I was mostly looking at the light, trying to find places where it reached through the trees to give me some nice shots. The best light is probably in the top shot, it’s just a shame that the scene is a bit busy. The above shot is my wife’s favourite. It’s difficult to see on a small picture on the web (full size of all photos can be found on my flickr), but the brightness you see beyond the trees is the sun hitting steam that’s rising from the moss as it gets warm after the cold and wet night. A photo doesn’t really do it justice.

Rising fog

I walked to where the steam was coming from and got the above shot there. Again, my photo doesn’t do it justice – the steam was moving constantly and the light was playing around in it. Setting up the tripod was a bit tricky since I was basically standing in marshland at this point. It was a good thing I had boots.

Sunrise and ferns

There isn’t all that much else that I can say about these photos, so I’ll let a couple more speak for themselves. I would have liked to get a wider view but the land is pretty flat, so I had to stick to shots in the forest, as opposed to shots of the forest. I would also like to go back and try to shoot the early morning fog, before the sun rises – I think that could be very nice and moody.

Morning in the forest

The people who found my previous post of interest might also be interested to know that most of these shots used the ‘Fuji Velvia 100F Balance Warm’ preset from VSCO Film 04 as a base. They’ve been edited further in addition to that though, in particular I’ve lifted the shadows and taken down the highlights a bit.

That’s all for today.


8 Responses to “Sunrise in the forest”

  1. Mike Powell

    Beautiful shots of the forest landscape–my favorite is the second one. I really like the repetition of the trees and mounds throughout the image.

  2. Rob

    Wow, these are fantastic. I love the morning light in them, and a lovely range of colour in the foliage. I’m glad you’ve decided to branch out from portraits into landscapes, you clearly have talent for both.

    • Rifqi

      Thanks, the best thing would be if I could shoot all my portraits in locations like this, to get the best of both worlds. Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll shoot landscapes very often, since it requires some travel.

  3. Roberto Aloi

    Terrific series of images. Cannot beat that light. Your subtle adjustments and this dramatic directional lighting resulted in breathtaking images. Cheers!

  4. Misael Nevarez

    Did you shot this with the x100s? If you did, do you work with raw files or jpegs. Do you use any film simulator? Sorry for all the question I just got the x100s not too long ago and I want to get the best out of it! Thanks

    • Rifqi

      Yes, this was shot with the X100S. Even though the jpegs are really good, I still work with raw files, simply because they give me more information to work with. The editing was done in Lightroom and I used VSCO Film 04 as a rough base.


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