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Alyzza by the lake

Last week we took a look at my first attempt at some landscape pictures, this week we’re going back to the same place, just a bit later in the day and with a cute subject and some extra light to accompany us. This is the kind of stuff that I wish I could shoot all the time, or at least a lot more often.

The above shot was one of the last ones from the shoot, so we’ll get back to that in a little while. I think you’ll recognize the first location (below) from one of the shots from the previous post. It was pretty early in the morning, sometime before 8, but at least after breakfast, unlike the other shots from the lake.

Alyzza by the lake

These shots are really very simply and it’s the awesome background and ridiculously cute subject that makes them some of my absolute favourite shots of all time. The light is my go-to setup of two LP160s in a octabox, coming in from camera right – camera left would have been a bit tricky. I was standing in the water, which was luckily quite shallow, trying not to fall over and drown my camera. There isn’t all that much else I can say about the setup. You can find all the details of the exif data over on my flickr and I think the flashes were at 1/4 power. Other than that I just take a couple of test shots and expose in a way that I think looks good, I just check the histogram to make sure I’m not losing detail in the highlights or shadows. I’m not very scientific about it; if it looks good, it probably is good.

Alyzza by the lake

I did several different angles and compositions as I made my way closer to my subject but, as always, I had to work fast to not lose her interest. That’s why I couldn’t vary the light much, even though I would have liked to try some slightly different angles for it. I would also have liked more time to try different ratios for the light but I think it looks good with the background bright like this – it’s not a scene where I would want to go all dark and moody.

Alyzza by the lake

For the shot at the top of the post we moved about 20 meters and the light is coming from camera left. Again, I would have liked to change the angle a bit to try some slightly different looks but by then I was really starting to lose my subject. I also had to put my lightstand in the water, so it wasn’t very easy to move anyway. Still, all said and done, these are some of the best portrait I have of the little muppet and I’m very happy with them. If only I could have access to these kind of locations all the time.

There will be some more landscapes in the next post, I still have quite a bit from my week at mom’s place.



8 Responses to “Cute girl by the lake”

    • Rifqi

      Thanks. I would say that it was decidedly under bathing temperature, and yes, I was wearing a pair of boots that I had borrowed from mom’s new man.

  1. ayu

    great photo’s. Alyzza very cute. I miss her and ridha. salam buat mereka berdua ya.


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