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Fujifilm X100S

I haven’t written all that much about my new favourite piece of gear, just some quick impressions, so I thought I would tell you some more about it since it may be of interest if you’ve considered or lusted for this camera.

I thought very long and hard before finally deciding to switch from my DSLR to the Fuji X100S. I’m not someone who has a lot of spare change to burn on expensive equipment, so getting this camera meant that I had to get rid of most of my Nikon lenses. Hence it wasn’t a decision I could make lightly. In the end I just had to have this camera though.

So, what do I think about it? After having used it a bit more, all I can really say is that I love this camera. This is a different feeling than I had towards my Nikon D3000. Though not exactly one of Nikon’s top models, it was still a capable camera and it’s my first real camera that lured me into the field of photography. However, it always felt like a tool and not much else. If it makes any kind of sense I would say that the X100S is a more emotional camera – I have trouble putting the bloody thing down, it makes me want to shoot. Maybe it’s because it’s still new and shiny but I don’t think so, this feels different. I’ve been shooting a lot of crappy snapshots (nothing that I plan to share with the world) with this camera, just because I wanted an excuse to use it.

First of all it’s the looks, it’s simply a gorgeous camera, and that’s coming from someone who values function a lot more than looks. I’ve already had a random person ask me if it’s a Leica and if it’s an old film camera.

Then it’s the way it handles. The controls are all in the right place, it feels solid, it does what its told. It certainly has some operational quirks that you need to get used to, like the fact that the shutter doesn’t seem to go slower than 1/34 in auto (which is just really weird), but it kind of adds to the charm of it as well (not very rational, I know).

Then you have the awesome hybrid viewfinder.

Then you have the leaf shutter and its insane sync speed, which you know I love for obvious reasons.

To top it all off the camera also produces some very nice files with great detail, dynamic range and high iso performance.

Are there things I will miss from my DSLR? Definitely, though very little. Occasionally I will miss having a longer portrait lens and, as an extension of that, being able to get a shallower DOF. During the summers I might miss my macro photography a bit too, though portraits has always been my main interest. That’s it really, everything else I wanted my DSLR to do, this camera does as good or better. I will more than likely want to build a system with different lenses again eventually but we’re talking at least 2-3 years before that will even be considered. Until then, this camera will keep me very happy.

You might notice that there’s a lot of talk about feelings and emotion here, but that’s simply because that’s what the X100S evokes. It’s such a fun camera to use and I can’t wait until the next time I pull it out of the bag or have it by my side when we travel. This is a camera that makes me want to shoot.


6 Responses to “Fuji X100S – Yes please”

  1. Mike Powell

    Wow. I’m one of the folks who would have assumed that this was an old film camera. I like the retro look, but the real test is how well it works for you. You’ve made a strong case about why you like it and I’m sure you’ll fall even more deeply in love with it as you use it more. I will miss your macro shots. I remember so well your descriptions of your techniques and how you experimented with colored backgrounds.

    • Rifqi

      I’m sure I’ll get back to macro eventually, you just might have to wait a couple of years :p You should see more results from this camera considerably sooner though, just have to hunt down some more subjects.

  2. Ted Vieira

    Nice follow up, thanks Valerie!

    I agree with you on all points, especially the feel and emotions that come with using this camera – and I’m still using the original X100, I can only imagine the boost using the X100s!

    • Rifqi

      I’m looking forward to getting to know this camera even more intimately during the next few years, especially while traveling.

      Not sure who Valerie is though :p

      • Ted Vieira

        So sorry, my humble apologies, Rifqi!

        I originally viewed this on my ipad, via a google+ link from photography, Valerie Jordin. Sometimes on viewing through a smaller screen I don’t always catch the details (I guess like who’s site I’m on!!!) I knew Valerie had recently purchased an X100s and was extremely happy with it, thought this was her follow up!

        Irregardless, awesome choice in cameras! Have fun!

      • Rifqi

        No worries, just wondered who it was :p Most people who has this camera seem very happy with it and I can definitely understand why.

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