What do you do when the location you’re shooting on offers you some of the most boring light imaginable? Well, you try to make the best of it and mostly fail miserably – though if you’re lucky your cute subject will mask some of that failure.

I intentionally went out to shoot when the sky was overcast and just blown out no matter what direction you looked in. The reason for that was that I wanted some practice in poor conditions for an upcoming project I want to do at the end of the year. Below is what the scene looked like straight out of camera.


I would call that slighty dull. Not only is the light very flat, it also renders the sky completely colourless. To get any kind of detail in the sky you would have to underexpose the rest of the scene to the point where it’s basically black. Very dark and dramatic might work but it wasn’t the look I was going for this time. Instead I wanted to have light that blended into the scene in a more subtle way.

The top shot is the most subtle of the bunch and then I played with the ratios a bit, simply underexposing the ambient bit by bit to get slightly different looks.


Before I forget it, lighting was two LP160s in an octabox from camera right, just off the little road.

These certainly aren’t my best shots but at least it’s good to know that you can make something (though not much) from almost nothing. If I have to shoot in these conditions in the future I’ll probably try to work on finding a better location, maybe try to hide the sky all together. If you find a forest or something the light still won’t be very inspiring but at least you can go for a moody look if you don’t have a blown out sky to ruin everything in the background.


The muppet was fairly cooperative, for a muppet, in front of the camera. I wanted her to stand on the rock but that apparently wasn’t of interest. She still managed to pull off some nice poses though and I’m happy as long as I get more than a test shot from her.

That’s all folks, see you around next time.