So, as mentioned in the previous post, I have a new camera. That camera has a fixed 23mm lens (35mm equivalent), which is considerably wider than the 85mm I typically use for headshots. What that means is that I have to be a bit more careful with my composition and angles, unless I want to upset my models with overly distorted faces. The bigger problem, however, comes from the fact that I have very limited space to shoot in.

The above shot is typical for me and I’m sure the more long time readers recognize the pose and light. Two LP160s in a octabox from camera right where used; soft, simple and good looking. In this instance I used a black background so it wasn’t that difficult to get said background to cover the whole, eh, background. I do however predict that it will be more problematic if I want to blow out a white background instead.

I still had to put my subject quite close to the background here and it shows in the form of some light spilling over. Actually that worked to my benefit here though, since it provides some separation for her hair. Next time I’ll try to add that light a bit more, in order to get more depth and shape in the image.

Very short post today, not much to say. I’m liking my new camera a lot and I’ll probably give you some more impressions about it after I’ve had more time to play with it. It’s difficult to put down though, it kind of makes you want to shoot more.