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First of all, apologies for the lack of interesting updates lately. Hopefully I’ll have something a bit more substantial to post in a while. Today will just be something short to show of a book that I got recently.

“Photographing Shadow and Light” is the title of this book by Joey L. If you don’t know who Joey is then you’ve definitely been missing out on some really awesome photography and you should go check him out immediately, I’ll wait, link is in the list to the right on this page.

Signed and everything.

Signed and everything.

I got the book as a kickstarter reward for backing his latest project, which I’ve talked about before. I’m not going to review it properly but I can say that it’s a nice enough read. How much you’ll learn from it depends on where you’re at with your photography, some will get more out of it than others. Personally I picked up a couple of helpful tips and the more involved setups provides nice insight into how you would go about lighting a larger scene, as opposed to just a simple portrait. However, that’s not the best part of the book for me.


Stunning photos that I could watch for hours.

Joey is one of, if not the, photographer whose work I enjoy looking at the most, and I’m not talking about his commercial or celebrity work here (though that’s very nice as well). His best work, by far, comes from his personal projects and the occasional commissioned work that resembles those personal projects. There isn’t that much to learn in terms of lighting when it comes to those projects, they’re all shot with a single light, but I could sit and just look at those pictures for hours. If he ever decides to release an art book with a collection of all the best work from those projects, I would be all over it in a heartbeat.

Even some commissioned shoots look like fine art.

Even some commissioned shoots look like fine art.

So, should you buy the book? It depends; if you like Joey’s work as much as I do then it’s almost worth it just for the pictures; if you’re looking for a book to learn as much as possible about lighting, then you can probably find something better (Joe McNally comes to mind).


For the technically minded: the shots of the book were taken on our new kitchen counter top (fancy, right?) and main light is a LP160 through a trigrip, just right of camera. The reason for not using an umbrella is that I didn’t want the rims showing in the highlights on the cover. The reason for not using my big octabox was that it was too much work. There are also two additional LP160s placed directly on the counter top, one just out of frame at the top and one to the left. They’re running at the lowest power setting and are aimed a bit up, so the light from them just skims the edges of the book.

Next post will be more interesting, promise.


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