I haven’t been shooting very much lately, one of the reasons being that we’ve had our kitchen renovated, so the whole flat was a mess for a week. It’s very nice now though. Before moving the kitchen table back to its place I had to make use of the empty space and freshly painted walls.

This was a very quick shoot, we’re talking a few minutes from the first frame to the last. My subject is standing as far away from the wall as I could get her and the only light on the background is whatever gets bounced around from my one and only light source. Perhaps you could call it two light sources but it’s just a single LP160 in a gridded softbox, in front and above the subject. Just below the frame there’s also a silver reflector. The reason for putting a grid on the softbox was simply to minimize the effect it would have on the background. Though the addition of the reflector kind of negates that in the end.


Simple light, tried and true. Not the most interesting light but you know it will work, even when you don’t really have time to test it.

I have to say that it was very nice to work with this background. It looked nice and clean straight out of camera. Studio portraits isn’t what I want to shoot the most but if I really was going in that direction, then a variety of seamless backgrounds would make my life so much easier.


If you’ve been following my portraits for a while you’ll know that this particular model usually gives me more serious and somber expressions. I wanted something a bit different this time so in order to get some reactions from her I tried acting like an idiot…seems it worked. These aren’t close to my best portraits but I love her expression.

Not really much of a lesson to be learned today – good backgrounds make your life easier and acting like an idiot is sometimes a good thing, I guess. Until next time.