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These shots were done rather quickly because I just wanted to test something. The idea was to make it look like it was shot in bright sunlight and I think the result is fairly close to that.

It’s a one light setup with a LP160 in softbox behind and to camera left. There’s a couple of twists to it though. To start with I removed the two diffusion panels from the softbox, so it’s just a bare flash that’s softened slightly by spilling over and bouncing on the silver interior of the box. To soften it a bit more, and also to bounce more light on the sides of the softbox, I put a sheet of white diffusion gel on the flash. The result is a somewhat softer and more scattered light than a bare flash would have produced. The softbox also makes sure I retain some control over spill light and gives the light more direction.

The shots are intentionally over exposed because that’s the look I was going for.


The most difficult part about all this was to get the little one to pose for me, she wasn’t really in the mood. I finally got a couple of decent shots though. She’s simply leaning against a wall, so it’s as simple as it gets. I also edited these shots to have a softer feel than my normal work.

As a quick experiment I think this worked pretty well, so now I know that I can produce a reasonably believable sunlight if I need to.


7 Responses to “Faking it”

    • Rifqi

      Thanks. You’re probably right that it could be warmer, I tend to be drawn towards cooler tones.

  1. Mary Dreamsculptor

    I don’t know much about photography, but do portrait drawings occasionally, and find these photos together with some others posted on your blog really beautiful and inspiring (actually AMAZING for a portraitist’s level of understanding).
    Would you mind if I use some of your works as models for drawings (non-commercial) that go on my blog? Of course with the links to your blog posts mentioned under it, or even on the drawing itself if you’d prefer that.

    • Rifqi

      I’m glad you like them and I would be honoured if you use them as your models. A link back from your blog post would be nice, no need to put it on the drawing. Do let me know when it’s finished though, I would love to see it.

      I checked out your blog and I love your pencil drawings, awesome detail. Some cool sculptures too. You might be interested to check out my sister’s stuff as well. Her style is completely different from yours, more freaky :p You can find it here: . You might have to use google translate or something since it’s in Swedish and the titles kind of complete her paintings.

  2. Mary Dreamsculptor

    Wow, thank you so much for the approval and for the beautiful words about my works. That’s very kind of you.
    I will absolutely send you a link to any of my drawings done using your photos as models, just as soon as I finish and post it on my blog. However the time that life lets me dedicate to drawing is so limited, so it usually takes a while for each drawing to be completed.
    Sorry I can’t see the link to your sister’s blog, on my browser at least there appears no link on your comment. There might have occurred a problem, could you please post it again?
    Many thanks again, and best wishes to you and your lovely family.

      • Mary Dreamsculptor

        Thanks a lot for the link! It was a great chance to visit your sister’s blog too. Her paintings are wonderful! I just love her works and her fascinating style. Yes, that’s a very different style, now I’m kinda stuck to realism and my aim is reaching hyper-realism, but I really love styles which take you beyond the surface and let you connect to the essence of things. If I manage to achieve hyper-realism one day, I’d love to try other ways of drawing which leave enough freedom for expressing thoughts and feelings.
        As I couldn’t find a way to subscribe to her blog, I added it to my bookmarks bar.
        Thank you again.

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