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Today it’s been two years since the first post on this blog. To be honest I didn’t even think it would last through the first year. It’s been a good place to collect my work and my thoughts and, perhaps, occasionally impart some useful information on an unsuspecting reader. Hopefully I can keep doing so for a long time but, as I’ve noted before, I’m probably going to slow down the posts a bit in order to avoid making it a chore instead of a pleasure.

So, we’re passing two years, recently we also passed 200 posts, mainly due to the onslaught of posts in the new gear section. Speaking of which: it’s done, pretty much, I’m only missing an entry for the camera. That can wait until I get a new camera though, otherwise I don’t have anything to take a decent product shot of it with. Check it out if you haven’t, I think it turned out pretty well.

On to today’s picture, a stunning self portrait of the most awesome and blindingly handsome man alive…right, we’ve talked about this behaviour before, sorry, won’t happen again. I wanted to try something a bit different this time, something a bit bolder with more colour. The reason you’re forced to look at my bare chest is because I was too lazy to go get a decent looking shirt…no really, I was wearing a rather drab and worn t-shirt as I was setting things up and the closet with the shirt must have been at least 10 meters away, in an other room no less. Obviously it was easier to just go native and bring out my viking heritage. My treat, no thanks needed.

Hey, look there below, a setup shot. I guess there’s still a place for miracles, even in today’s busy world. You might notice my wife’s less than amused expression as she’s standing in for me. That probably has something to do with the fact that I got her up from the sofa at 21:30 a Thursday evening just for that…I could be wrong.


What we’re looking at is the main light; a LP160 in a softbox. It’s placed to camera right and between it and the asian goddess is a trigrip with black cover (the side you can’t see if black, just roll with it). The reflector is there to do the opposite of what the name suggests, namely to block the light from the sofbox so that only the front part of the subject’s face is lit and the rest falls off into shadow. The stick you see in the frame is where I put the camera. I use a light stand since I don’t have a proper tripod.

You can’t see the second light in the setup shot (because I was too lazy to change to my wide angle lens) but it’s a LP160 with blue gel in a small softbox to camera left. That’s it really. After some post processing (can’t really remember what I did, just that I fiddled around for quite some time) I got the result at the top and I think it’s kind of interesting. When I look at it now I feel that I could perhaps have been a bit crazier with the colours, add another flash to the mix with green or purple or something.

One thing that might be of interest is that this was the first shoot where I used my newly acquired Cactus V5 radio triggers. I like them a lot based on the very limited time I’ve used them. It’s nice not to have a cable to trip over or a big heavy flash on the camera. With these triggers I’ve also completed my core kit that I’ve now spent two years building. I’m sure I’ll find new toys to spend money on but for now it’s done, I have a fairly complete kit for the stuff I do. Now it’s time to save for the new  camera.

This anniversary post was a mix of random ramblings but perhaps that’s appropriate. See you next time, if you’re crazy or bored enough.


P.S. I’ve already mentioned this on google+ but I thought I should share it here as well. If you have a few minutes, check out the work of Patrick Ecclesine. I especially like his two book projects, definitely worth your time.


6 Responses to “Two years of blogging – and a self portrait”

  1. Liz Gray

    I look forward to going back and reading your past blogs! Writing has kind of naturally branched out into an old love of mine: photography now (my 2 hobbies). So I look forward to gleaning more info. from your site. I especially am interested in learning about equipment besides just lenses and I really like the self-portrait. Nicely done!

    • Rifqi

      Thanks, hope you can find some useful info here, I try to sneak some past the random madness in every post.


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