I don’t really have much to say about today’s picture, it’s very simple. Two LP160 in octabox to camera right. The background is simply a white(ish) wall that I cleaned up a bit in post by desaturating it to get rid of the colour cast. My subject is gorgeous and is giving me a very model-like expression but other than that I’m not that happy with it. I think it’s mostly due to the editing and the rather lifeless background. I don’t mind a white or grey background but something just seems boring about this one. Most of my best studio shots are still on a completely black or completely white background, so I still need to figure out why other types of backgrounds aren’t working for me. Other than that the light looks good, can’t really fail with something so simple.

As you can see, my little muppet is becoming a fine model and can pull off expressions that makes her seem a lot older than two and a half. I also think that she has some potential as a future photographer. The other day I built a camera from her big legos (I probably play as much as her with it) and she immediately took to it. It had a little viewfinder and everything. She was very cute when she made me sit on a chair to pose for her, looked through the viewfinder and went “click-click”.

Sorry for the lack of useful information in this post, I’ll try to come up with something better next time.