This is a lot of flash for the budget minded. There are cheaper and similarly priced offerings out there but I dare say that none gives you the same quality and power as this one. One of the reasons it can get away with the price is that it’s completely manual, meaning you’ll have to set the flash power by yourself. If that’s a deal breaker depends on your shooting style, so take a second to think about it first. Personally I would much rather get three of these than one SB-910, that price difference is worth some manual fiddling in my book.

I got two of these when I got started with lighting things and they have been performing like clockwork ever since. I plan on getting at least one more fairly soon and I expect them to last for a long time. If you’re wondering what the fluffy thing on the side is, it’s a piece of velcro that I use for attaching gels, very advanced modification.