Camera bag

This is quite a lot of bag for your money. I stumbled upon this when I was researching what bag to get and I certainly don’t regret buying it. It looks pretty much like an ordinary backpack so you’re not advertising your expensive equipment to everyone. However, when you look a bit closer you’ll get the definite feeling that this is quality stuff. This model is available in three sizes and the one I got was the smallest one. I can see that it might get a bit crowded when I get a bigger camera and add a few more things but it still fits quite a lot. Here’s a list of what I cram in at the moment:

I would say that’s pretty decent for a small bag. I’m still going to have to rearrange a few things as I complete my kit though.

The bag also comes with a rain cover, a special little bag for batteries and a pocket for memory cards. Like I said, there’s a lot of value here. Unless I find myself really needing a bigger bag, this one will keep me happy for a long time to come.