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Fujifilm X100S

As I’m writing this I’ve only had this camera for a few days and I’ve only done one proper shoot with it. That being said, I love this camera. This is a big step away from the DSLR I’ve been shooting with up until this point but I don’t regret my decision. This is a small and light enough camera that you can take it with you anywhere, which is just what I intend to do with it. It still packs a lot of punch though, this is a photographers camera if ever I saw one. It has more features than I could ask for and it handles beautifully.

However, this certainly isn’t a camera for everyone and I had to do some serious thinking before finally deciding to get it. The most obvious limitation is the fixed lens. You can’t change your lens and you can’t zoom. Personally I prefer prime lenses and the focal length fits what I want to shoot the most quite well. You probably already know if it’s the right camera for you or not.

2 Responses to “Fujifilm X100S”

  1. Dave Nash

    I’ve got an X-E1, and completely agree with you. I love them. I’m going to experiment with it a bit more and if it handles as well as I am expecting it to I will be getting rid of my DSLR.

    • Rifqi

      If Fuji keeps doing what they’re doing, I can see myself getting a X-E or X-Pro sometime in the future. For now the X100S does everything I want it to, but I’ll probably want a system with different lenses again eventually. That won’t happen for a few years though.


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