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This is just a little heads up for the few who actually follow my blog.

I’ve been putting together a new section for the blog where you can get an easy (hopefully) overview of the different gear I use. I also plan to link to the different entries there when I write my regular posts, so that you can easily see what I mean if I, for example, say that I used a octabox for a shoot. This section has been in planning for some time but it took me a while to take all the product shots (still have a few more to take as well).

The way I’m organizing this means that every entry in this new section is a separate post, which means that you (my followers) will get spammed a bit before everything has been posted. So I apologize if your reader/stream/whatever gets a bit crowded all of a sudden. The menu items are already in place at the top of the page, expect the rest of the onslaught to begin in a day or two.



4 Responses to “New gear section”

  1. Mike Powell

    Thanks for the warning. I am always interested in seeing the gear that people use to get their shots. It helps give me new ideas (although it can be tough on the wallet).


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