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Today’s post is, in some ways, a continuation from last week. This time I experimented with two things, the first of which was the background (again). I used a white bed sheet for background but I didn’t light it like I usually do. Instead I simply let they main light fall on the background as well and then added a texture to it in Perfect Effects. It kind of works, I guess, though it’s certainly no huge success. I would love to see what kind of results I could get with a proper seamless background and a larger space than our living room. Maybe it’s just me thinking that the grass is greener but it feels like the background would look better with less work like that. Oh well, have to work with what I’ve got.


Main light was two LP160 in a octabox to camera left and rim light was a YN560 in softbox to camera right, which leads us to the second experiment: the rim light is gelled with a light pink. In this instance I have to say that it works fairly well, providing a hint of colour that adds some warmth and interest. Actually that kind of leads us to a third experiment as well, an experiment that took place during post processing. I fiddled around a lot with the tone and colour but in the end I couldn’t get any results I was truly happy with. Still need to improve a lot when it comes to the processing.


I’ll keep it short today, the main reason being that I haven’t been feeling very well for the past week, so I haven’t had any energy for shooting or writing. As I’m writing this I’m counting down the last 2.5 hours before weekend and proper rest…it’s going very slowly…



5 Responses to “Playing with some colour”

  1. Carissa

    I love it that you use your wife and daughter all the time. They are certainly more willing subjects than my husband. In between willing victims I use my critters. 🙂

    • Rifqi

      Sometimes they definitely seem a bit tired of me though and I usually don’t get many chances to get my shots :p

  2. Lucianus Mauricius

    She’s an amazing little girl, with such a touching stare. Her eyes are simply beautiful. It must be great to work with a “model” who doesn’t need loads of make up and hairbrushing post production work, cuz she has her natural beauty and color 🙂
    Great shoot.


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