Experimenting is something that I try to do a bit every time I shoot. I rarely use the exact same concept and setup twice, simply because that wouldn’t help me push my skills – though of course I often use similar setups. Things would be different if I was doing paid gigs, then I would probably stick to the tried and true.

For this shot I experimented with the background, which is something I’ve been trying new things with lately. I used a blackboard, or rather a board that my wife had painted with blackboard paint. There’s no extra light on the background, I just let the light from the octabox to camera left spill over a bit. I’m not that happy with it though; maybe it’s the blue tint, maybe it’s the overall editing and colours; something just doesn’t sit right with me with this shot. That’s not to say it’s bad though, it’s just not as good as I wanted it to be (then again, when are my photos ever). Actually it has, by far, the most favourites in my flickr because it was my first shot ever to get explored. Kind of annoying that it couldn’t have been one of my best instead.

Anyways, key light is two LP160 in a octabox to camera left. In addition to that there’s also a gridded YN560 from behind and camera right. You can’t see much of that second light because I cropped the original image quite tight. It worked pretty well as a hair light and provided separation but this composition looked better.

I guess there isn’t much more to add to this. It was an experiment that let me know that this background isn’t something I’m likely to use again, unless I can think of a way to make it work better. Time to get back to pretending to work here, see you again next week.